Want Smoother Sailing? Here’s how to Make it Easier for Yourself

Want Smoother Sailing? Here’s how to Make it Easier for Yourself

Posted by admin on 20th May 2019

We bet when you first purchased your boat you had visions of endless days sailing, that would blow all of your worries and stresses away! While that might be the case most of the time, no doubt you’ve come across processes that just seem a little tedious.

The good news is, there are easier ways to do certain things, to make handling your boat even smoother than it already is. Here are our tips for reducing the effort needed, for simpler sailing.

  • Keep friction to a minimum. Check the mechanical points on your boat regularly, to see if line leads could be simplified and the sheaves are free running. When did you last change your blocks? Make sure you’re using the right block or “pulley” for your vessel - whether that’s a ratchet block, micro block, ball bearing block or something else - and buy a new one when it becomes worn.
  • Use a bow thruster. Using a bow thruster isn’t “cheating” and is actually an effective way to overcome challenging berthing situations. Don’t be that boat that bumps into docks and other vessels; installing a thruster can give you extra confidence for simpler and safer docking.
  • Use an anchor windlass. Raising an anchor by hand can be a real physical challenge, but a windlass can make the task so much easier on yourself - and your back! This nifty mechanical feature will allow you to raise the anchor just by pushing a button and, though price ranges can be high for this, you might find it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Carry out regular maintenance. Taking the time to show your boat some extra love and care along the way will make a huge difference to the way it runs and will make sailing easier for you. Keep swivel bearings and blocks clean after each sail by rinsing the salt away, and have winches serviced regularly. Boating Central has a range of products for cleaning and maintenance so you can look after your boat in the way it needs.
  • Figure out the optimum sail configuration for your needs. Is the best design for your vessel a sloop, a Bermudian rig or something else? In most cases, you’ll need to partially furl the sail and potentially put a reef in the main. Whatever you go for, make sure you can easily maintain steerage. The ideal configuration will keep you moving at a good speed in the lulls and will keep you in control during a gust. Don’t neglect “learning the ropes” for your boat and you’ll be rewarded with smoother sailing.
  • Choose the right headsail. Most modern boats don’t need the same oversized, overlapping headsails that old boats did to perform upwind. The best sized sail depends on a range of variables, but getting this right will make sailing more efficient.

With so many more boating accessories and products available to make your boating trips easier, browse the range at Boating Central. For more information on any of our products, give our team a call on (03) 52294632.