The Electronic Boat Accessories to Enhance Performance

The Electronic Boat Accessories to Enhance Performance

Posted by admin on 13th Mar 2019

Whether sailing is a weekend hobby or a professional sport for you, it’s time to bring to your boat into the 21st century with the new range of accessories available to enhance your performance.

As mobile and satellite networks continue to improve across the world, so does the technology that connects to them. Many recent advances have been made by marine electronics manufacturers, which have increased both the accuracy and accessibility of valuable data.

Find out more about the essential electronics for sailing in today’s day and age, along with potential upgrades and nice-to-haves in this blog from Boating Central.



No matter how you choose to travel – by land, air or sea – Global Positioning Systems (GPS) has become a necessity for safe navigation. The system is made up of a network of 24 satellites orbiting the earth at all times, and the devices that connect to the system are cheap and reliable.

By installing a GPS accessory in your boat, not only will you always know exactly where you are amid that blue expanse, you’ll always know how to get back home too.


It’s all well and good knowing where you are, but what if there’s a problem and you can’t return to shore? That’s why having a reliable communications system is just as essential as your GPS.



While some sailors are satisfied measuring their boat speed using GPS (speed over ground), others prefer to measure their speed through water (knots) with an upgraded system. By installing pitometer logs to your sailing boat, you’ll be able to more accurately measure your speed and enhance your performance.


Another piece of electronic equipment that’s not exactly necessary, but definitely valuable, is wind measuring tools. Known as wind anemometers, they accurately report wind speed, and some also provide information on wind direction. This helps you to better navigate while sailing, and can also keep you safe by helping you determine whether to pull down sails or potentially skip the trip altogether.


Depth finder tools are used on ships to determine the depth of water beneath the boat. It achieves this through measuring sonic pulses produced below the water surface. While not always necessary on some smaller boats, they’re a useful tool if you’re sailing near the coast and concerned about your hull, or if you’re looking to do some deep sea fishing.



Need an extra pair of hands? Why not consider getting an autopilot installed? Autopilots are self-steering devices for boats that can hold your vessel on a pre-set course. Some can even sync up with your GPS system and gather data from your other instruments to ensure your sailing adventure runs as smoothly as possible.

Collision detection

Anti-collision is particularly important if you’re also utilising an autopilot system, but it can also be handy even if you’re the one steering. Not only can it detect potential hazards above the water, some can keep an eye on what’s going on below too, ensuring you remain safe at all times.

Sail in Comfort

This list barely scratches the surface of what electronics are available in the boating world, but they’re a great start to have you sailing in comfort next time you head out. Take a look at the great range of electronic accessories at Boating Central today.