5 Essential Summer Sailing Clothing Pieces

5 Essential Summer Sailing Clothing Pieces

Posted by admin on 27th Jan 2019

We’re in the midst of summer in Australia which means sailing season is in full swing! Take advantage of the longer, warmer days and get out on the waters more often. With that in mind, it could be time to update your sailing clothing wardrobe to prepare for some nautical adventures this year.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our top 5 essential summer sailing clothing pieces that will get you through those warmer (and cooler) climates - because you never know what will be thrown at you.

Remember that layering is key and it’s always best to over-prepare!

1. Technical clothing

Of course, regular clothing will do, but there are real advantages to sporting technical shirts, shorts and pants. They’re made from wicking fabric to regulate temperature by pulling moisture away from the body for easier evaporation, keeping the wearer dryer and cooler.

The Gill Hydrophic long sleeve top for men has a water repellent coating and dries quickly. This helps prevent the top from becoming weighted down, ensuring a comfortable experience no matter the weather. Tried and tested to promise the most effective design, the Gill Hydrophobe top also offers UV 50+ protection and can be worn alone in warmer conditions or as a base layer in cold weather

Technical apparel provides sun protection from the harsh Australian UV rays, but are light-weight enough to be comfortable when the temperature rises. Choose quick-drying fabrics and keep long-sleeved shirts to-hand to ensure comfort throughout the day.

2. Light jacket

The Australian weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend keeping a light jacket nearby for when the wind picks up. We like soft shell or fleece varieties; soft shell is more water-resistant and durable but fleece is softer and usually more lightweight. See our range of light weight inshore gear here.Try having one of each, if you have the space for it, so you’re prepared for anything.

3. Rain gear

No sailing clothing collection is complete without rain gear. Get ready for unexpected drizzles and downpours with easy-to-pack waterproofs (which are preferable to water-resistant items). You can throw this on even when temperatures are high, but avoid over-washing as this can degrade its effectiveness against moisture.

4. Foul weather gear

If the weather takes a turn for the worst, foul weather gear (or “foulies”) is your saving grace against rough conditions and cold days.

There are different types of foulies available depending on the type of sailing you do; from gear suitable for offshore, coastal, ocean and dinghies. While bibs are the more traditional choice, you could opt for a jacket and pants instead. Ensure your gear is equipped with waterproof taped seams, high collars, adjustable wrists and storm flaps. Try going up a size or two so you can comfortably fit other layers underneath.

5. Vest

The versatile piece that gives you the range of movement you need in your arms, a vest should be a vital part of your sailing clothing stash. It makes a perfect outer layer in summer and keeps your core warm when the weather switches up.We have vests starting on special starting at $79.95 Go for a softshell fabric which tends to be more wind-resistant and durable than other variations.