Allen A2020LZ 20mm Dynamic Block w/lacing eye

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Allen A2020LZ 20mm Dynamic Block w/lacing eye

Allen 20mm Dynamic Block Single with Lacing Eye A2020LZ

Line friendly soft contours and articulation

Stainless steel cheeks and inner bearing systems handle maximum loads

Central hole for tie-on Becket

Allen's range of high performance blocks uses their patented dynamic bearing and ultra-strap technology. The dynamic bearing system forms the basis of the inner bearing system while the ultra-strap strip of stainless steel can be lashed without the fear of line abrasion associated with blocks of tradition strap construction.

The sheaves and cheeks are moulded from advanced engineering polymers, which are all wrapped up in meticulously designed stainless steel cheeks, adding strength to the moulded components. This gives you a beautifully engineered high performance block which easily handles maximum loads.

Length 41mm

Line Dia 2.5mm – 6mm

Breaking Load 520kg

MDL 115kg

Weight 15.4g

Maximum Dynamic Load (MDL) – The maximum load that the block will remain intact with repeated sheave movement.
Breaking Load – Load at which major block failure is likely to occur.